We have signed Campaign Trail with Grey Fox Games and they are running a Kickstarter for a reprint and the Green Party Expansion! You only have 4 more days to get it at the low Kickstarter price as well as all the unlocked promo content. Go here to back now!
Campaign Trail pits you and your opponents in a game of resource management and area control for the office of President of the United States. Each turn, play a card and choose one of the 4 actions given on that card. Use a good balance to your actions so that you can get voters to commit to you and maintain the resources to run a successful campaign. Take advantage of your candidate's unique ability. Plan your strategy well and you will be celebrating in the White House on Inauguration Day!
Brought to you by a family design team, this game has been in development for 5+years. Campaign Trail plays 1-6 players in about 120 minutes.
This game includes:
  • 1 Game Board
  • 129 Action cards
  • 12 Double Sided Candidate Cards
  • 30 Debate Topic Cards
  • 42 Money Cards
  • 63 Solo Play Cards
  • 240 Wooden Voter Tokens
  • 150 3-count Wooden Voter Tokens
  • 6 Wooden Candidate Pawns
  • 3 Turn Order Markers
  • 18 Debate Issue Markers
  • 1 Debate Arena
  • 10 Debate City Markers
  • 1 Electoral College Track
  • 51 Electoral Vote Counters
  • 3 Party Reference Books
  • Twitter Classic
  • Facebook Classic

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